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LAS Extended Studies M-Z



Math 90 & 99

A review of basic algebra and arithmetic, including algebra of polynomials, factorization of simple polynomials, arithmetic operations on fractions and rational expressions, laws of exponents, linear equations and inequalities in one variable, quadratic equations using factoring.


The MathOnline program is open to anyone meeting the educational background requirements for each course. The program is particularly well suited for the thousands of high school students throughout the country who have completed their high school mathematics courses before their senior year.

Online & Academic Outreach @ UCCS

The central Extended Studies/Outreach office at UCCS, providing administrative support for Extended Studies application, registration and billing. OAO also offers selected credit and non-credit programs.

Private Music Lessons: Applied Music

Available to UCCS music majors as well as the general public. Lessons are taught by UCCS regular and adjunct faculty.