Private Music Lessons: MUS 1600/2600/3600/4600 Series

Now Registering for Fall 2024 (August 26-December 21, 2024)

Available to UCCS music majors as well as all UCCS students who have an interest in furthering their knowledge of their chosen instrument. Lessons are taught by UCCS regular and adjunct faculty.

Registration for these lessons is done through the Extended Studies Program in the College of Letters, Arts and Sciences. Private lessons are offered in every academic semester.


Lesson Details and Enrollment

Every registration in a section of MUS private lessons earns one (1) credit hour, and costs $820.00 (increase effective Spring 2023). Financial Aid may be used - contact your financial aid counselor before you register if you have questions or concerns. If Financial Aid is not used, the tuition amount will be added to your total tuition bill and you will be required to pay it by the regular tuition due date - September 12, 2024. If you are registering after census date, your tuition will be due as soon as the balance posts in your online account (usually the same day or within 24 hours of registration). Students may register for more than one section of MUS private lessons during a given semester, as long as the registrations are with different faculty and different instruments.

The Extended Studies Program will pay your instructor for you. You must arrange with your instructor to complete ten (10) hours of lesson time over the course of the semester. You and your instructor may set a schedule that is most convenient for both of you. At the conclusion of the semester, your instructor will post your grade onto your UCCS transcript.

How To Register:

  1. Review the list of music faculty at the VAPA Music Faculty Page.
  2. Contact one of the following Music Program Coordinators, indicating the type of lessons you'd like to take and your preferred instructor (optional):
  3. Once your request for lessons is approved by the Music Program, you will receive an e-mail from LAS Extended Studies, which will include course information and a unique permission number to use when you register.
  4. Login to your myUCCS student portal online and register as you would for a regular course, except that you will use the 5-digit class number instead of the course search function (see the "Resources" page at the Extended Studies Academic Outreach web site - click on "How do I Register for a class?"). After you enter the class number, the system will prompt you for the permission number.
  5. Make your tuition payment according to the instructions above.
  6. If you need to withdraw, you may do so in your online portal account, up until the day that a Dean's signature is required for a withdrawal (November 1, 2024). However, a full refund of the tuition will only be made if you withdraw by the campus census date (September 12, 2024). Any withdrawals accomplished in the portal between census date and the last day to withdraw without a Dean's signature will receive no refund. If you have questions, please contact LAS Extended Studies.