Diversity FAQs


Graduate Certificate Program in Diversity, Social Justice and Inclusion

Is the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs (UCCS) an accredited institution?
Is the graduate credit offered through this program accepted by graduate programs at UCCS?
By registering for credit in this program, am I being admitted to UCCS?
Will my credit appear on an official transcript?
Will I earn letter grades for my coursework in this program?
Is it possible to take individual courses without applying to the certificate program?
I am registering with UCCS for the first time. How do I begin my registration?
If I need to drop my online/independent-progress course, will I get a refund?
I missed the deadline to register for credit. What do I do now?
I registered for UCCS credit, but then pulled out of the partner organization's course. How do I withdraw from the UCCS credit, and can I get my money back?
If I am taking a course from a partner organization and I have paid their fees, am I automatically registered for credit with UCCS?
I have registered, but I do not see a balance and the system won't let me make the tuition payment. Is there something wrong?
Will I get any kind of confirmation of my enrollment?
I did not complete my Online Independent-Progress course by the end of the semester. What do I do now?
Will I be dropped from a course if I don't pay?