Graduate Certificate Program in Diversity, Social Justice and Inclusion & Stand-Alone Courses

Bridging theory and practice to advance skills and knowledge...

This certificate program is coordinated by the Matrix Center for the Advancement of Social Equity and Inclusion at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs and the Sociology Department in the College of Letters, Arts & Sciences. Program requirements can be completed utilizing a variety of course options, including fully online options, making this program available to students and educators not just in Colorado, but all around the country! 

THE GRADUATE CERTIFICATE IN DIVERSITY, SOCIAL JUSTICE AND INCLUSION is an innovative, comprehensive and relevant certificate program geared for individuals interested in the advancement of diversity, social justice and inclusion. This nationally accredited, university-backed program benefits those who are seeking the advanced skills, knowledge and strategies to implement diversity-oriented pedagogy, programs, practices and policies that can be applied in educational, community, corporate and public settings. The program provides an unprecedented level of expertise from leading scholars and nationally renowned experts in the field of diversity, social justice and inclusion.

WHAT MAKES US UNIQUE: In just four courses/12 credit hours and at an incredibly AFFORDABLE price ($170/credit hour), participants can complete the certificate and earn graduate level academic credit. Credits can be transferred and applied towards a graduate degree in diverse disciplines, should participants consider pursuing an advanced degree in the future. All courses are offered through the College of Letters, Arts and Sciences' Extended Studies Program and accredited by the UCCS Sociology Department.

This INNOVATIVE certificate program:

  • moves beyond diversity to examine social justice, equity, power and privilege;
  • presents practical, timely and specialized skills for those who teach, work and advocate for social justice;
  • supplies marketable and transferable skills for those in career transition;
  • provides an unprecedented level of expertise from leading scholars and nationally-renowned experts in the field of diversity, social justice and inclusion;
  • is offered by a nationally accredited university;
  • allows courses to be taken separately (Stand-Alone) or as part of the certificate program.

Certificate Requirements:

  • Prerequisite: Undergraduate degree in any discipline from an accredited institution.
  • Required number of credits for completion of the certificate: 12
  • Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher

Admission to UCCS:

Whether you intend to take courses as stand-alone credit or apply them to the certificate requirements, you must first apply to UCCS as an Extended Studies student. Download the Extended Studies admission/registration packet to apply and access your myUCCS student account. IMPORTANT: DO NOT apply to UCCS via the Admissions Office. Use only the instructions provided at the link above, and follow all steps closely.

Application to the Certificate Program via the Matrix Center is a separate process and only required if you intend to earn the certificate (i.e. not required if you only intend to take courses as stand-alone credit). See the link for "Application Process" above. Contact LAS Extended Studies at lases@uccs.edu if you have questions. 

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